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Sacred Shaman Oracle - Card Deck and Readers Handbook


From the moment you begin to use the Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Cards you unlock a secret portal to the ancient shamanic realm of natural earth magick and psychic healing energy.

Including 26 full colour top quality divination cards and the Oracle Readers Hand Book to guide your way - All packaged in a sturdy sealed box.  The Sacred Shaman Oracle is a spiritual divination system that is unlike any other oracle or reading card deck currently available on the global market. Channeled by Soul Spirit Guide Flying Eagle the Sacred Shaman Oracle has a sacred shamanic spiritual lineage extending back through the ages and traditions of all spiritual creation. They are a must have if you are serious about Psychic Readings, Divination or expanding your shamanic wisdom. 

The Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Card Deck includes the The Oracle Readers Handbook. A compact yet extraordinarily precise guide to reading the Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Cards.

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