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Congratulations on your decision to become a Patron of Modern Urban Shamanism and help others evolve in their authentic natural spiritual connection with Shamanic wisdom and Philosophy.

Modern Urban Shamanism is a Social Enterprise and Community outreach service.

Your Patronage of the spiritual teaching and outreach of Flying Eagle Medicine through Modern Urban Shamanism is an important Community Service that is proven to have a very wide spread ripple affect.

Patrons of Flying Eagle Medicine and Modern Urban Shamanism support the facilitation of spiritual change management. 

Patronage is NOT crowd funding and Modern Urban Shamanism is NOT a charity.

Modern Urban Shamanism is not a one off project or a charitable organisation, it is a long term ongoing spiritual evolution program generated out of community need to learn and expand its understanding of life on earth with an ever growing variety of face to face and online services that help real people overcome the real problems associated with spiritual evolution and the rapid progress of global change in our modern world. 

Thousands of people every year are misdirected in their spiritual healing pathway by outdated pathological thinking destined to find the wrong in everything that falls outside the contemporary thinkers box of labels. Outdated beliefs, outdated practices, old paradigm religious principals are destined to fail in the long term and cause major energetic blockages and endemic problems in the residual energy bodies of thousands of people every day.

An unhealthy, unbalanced reliance on pharmaceuticals and dangerous unregulated drugs as a way to deal with modern emotional/mental health problems, like anxiety and depression is having a devastating affect on individuals, their families and their communities.  

Helping promote shamanic thought and shamanic spiritual emergence as being right for this time in human history helps rebuild the bridge to the health based and healing focused universal spiritual wisdom lifestyle foundation once naturally experienced as a very real and very normal part of everyday for all people living on and with Mother Earth. 

Your Patronage Supports:

  1. Education and training about the spiritual emergence process that is part of a spiritual journey, helping to deliver positive outcome. 
  2. Involvement with a shamanic spiritual path or community that is consistent with shamanic experiences and values. 
  3. The provision of personal support and guidance from credible and appropriate spiritual leaders. 
  4. Engagement in spiritual practices consistent with shamanic practice (e.g., Contemplation, vision quests, meditation, spiritual practice, acts of ritual, forgiveness and service as explained in the Sacred Shaman Oracle journey contained in The Modern Urban Shaman) 
  5. Individual modeling of his/her own shamanic spirituality, including a sense of spiritual purpose, direction and meaning, hope and faith in something transcendent.

People who have experienced a spiritual emergence often do not receive validation for their experiences, or even the opportunity to talk about them. The conventional practice of discounting the meaning of spiritual emergence is not productive. The spiritual emergence itself isolates the individual from others. Then the subsequent devaluation and condemnation of the experience as "only the product of a mind" results in further isolation, just when the person needs to reconnect to the social world. 

Thus, speaking one's story, putting the experience into words, is usually the first step in developing a life-affirming personal mythology that integrates the spiritual dimensions of the emergence.

Flying Eagle Medicine and the Modern Urban Shaman Pathway are spiritually divined pathways that help piece the story of Universal oneness together and reduce the feeling of isolation or separation for people who are choosing to have, had, or are experiencing a Spiritual/Shamanic Emergence.


Thank You - Your Financial Patronage - will help others move mountains of pain, fear, anger & doubt.

Since experiencing a personal Shamanic emergence and full blown crisis at the end of the 19th century my journey for the last 16 years has been to find ways to help others overcome the debilitating difficulties of ignorance fear and doubt in western community regard shamanic understanding and its relatedness to our natural human connection with the environment. Modern Urban Shamanism and Flying Eagle Medicine allows people to experience their natural shamanic spiritual connection in a structured, safe and nurturing environment. I applaud you for choosing to become a Patron of Modern Urban Shamanism to help me, help others, help themselves. 

Darren John Maxwell BAppSocSc(Coach) (Sh.D.) 


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