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Shamanic Intuition.
Shamanic Development 2 day Courses. 
The Modern Urban Shaman Book 
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In every Shamanic Development 2 day course you will experience two days of total immersion in the Transcendent Evolution of Modern Urban Shamanism. 

All courses are structured on the Teachings of Flying Eagle Medicine found in the book    'The Modern Urban Shaman: A Guide to the Transcendent Experience of Shamanic Mastery for 21st Century Healers" and are presented by Darren Maxwell, author teacher trainer

Shamanic Development is a collective shamanic awakening - designed to provide you with the following sets of skills and knowledge:

During the Two Day Intensive:

  • You will receive an excellent knowledge of the development of shamanism in human societies. 
  • Knowledge of shamanic practices in a wide range of cultures.
  • Knowledge of altered states of consciousness.
  • Skills associated with establishing and implementing shamanic rituals reflective of the modern urban environment.
  • The nature of shamanic healing, its differences from medical and psychological healing, and how to implement it.
  • Knowledge of the concept and practices connected with personal power.
  • Classes and Courses include. The Modern Urban Shaman - Book and The Sacred Shaman Oracle Cards.

The 2 day course is divide into 6 sections. Each one is designed to provide you with a deeper level of shamanic wisdom and understanding.

The course sections are:

  1. Orientation
  2. Foundation
  3. Visionary Practice
  4. Divination
  5. Healing
  6. Ritual

Are you a reiki or crystal healer?

Do you work with light or dark energy?

Are you a psychic reader, holistic therapist, spiritual counselor?

Are you committed to providing the best alternative service for your clients or experiencing the most inclusive 'you' training you can?

Are you Someone who is interested in alternative health and wellbeing?

Are you a person who is interested in the deeper levels of spiritual evolution and Shamanism?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions Shamanic Pathway - Shamanic Intuition is the correct course for you!

  • Shamanic Pathway - Shamanic Intuition is for everyone who wishes to explore the deep inner workings of their intuitive process.
  • Shamanic intuition is inclusive of the whole and will add practical and insightful tools and expanded methodology to your already existing healing, reading or alternative practice.
  • Shamanic intuition introduces you to broader spectrum of health and healing applications.

At a time when health issues are compounding in Australia. Alternative healing practices are becoming recognized by community as a natural healthy choice.

Every healer, reader or therapist will benefit from having access to the broader spectrum of health and healing applications provided in the Shamanic Intuition Course.

While your clients will benefit from your added commitment to a deeper level of personal training.

The Shamanic Intuition course provides a learning experience that extends beyond any other introductory shamanic courses currently available in Australia or overseas.

*This intensive course prepares participants to begin the Sacred Shamanic Oracle Master Teacher Journey. A devotional passage dedicated to the practice of Flying Eagle Medicine - Modern Urban Shamanism.

About Darren Maxwell

Course Presenter

Darren Maxwell is the author of the outstanding spiritual guide book; The Modern Urban Shaman, and is the creator of a uniquely crafted spiritual self development and Psychic learning tool called - The Sacred Shaman Oracle. Part of Psychic TV Australia's favourite Readers team Darren writes for one of Australia's leading spiritual magazines and attends Mind Body and Spirit fairs up and down the east coast of Australia. A Doctor of Shamanic Practice and Philosophy he regularly facilitates psychic development self help workshops both in Australia and overseas with his wife, world renown spiritual author and consciousness teacher Robyn Collins. Darren and Robyn are partners in a main street spiritual development business called Soul Love & Happiness in Cootamundra NSW Australia.