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The Sacred Shaman Oracle, Flying Eagle Medicine

  • The Sacred Shaman Oracle, Love the energy and the messages. It feels complete and the readings are certainly spot on. Malvadee (Psychic Tv Australia)
  • The minute I set eyes on this Oracle I knew this was the only Oracle I would ever read. Nick 
  • I have been reading other Oracle cards for a long time. The Sacred Shaman Oracle is now my favourite Oracle and the only cards I read. Daniella
  • I have been reading the Sacred Shaman Oracle for many years and can recommend its overwhelming accuracy to everyone. Chrissy 


The Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Card Deck includes the The Oracle Readers Handbook. A compact yet extraordinarily precise guide to reading the Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Cards. 

From the moment you begin to use the Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Cards you unlock a secret portal to the ancient shamanic realm of natural earth magic and psychic healing energy. 

The Sacred Shaman Oracle is an initiation into sacred shamanic codes and symbolism.

It provides you with access to the necessary tools for psychic healing – soul retrieval and spiritual protection as well a complete guided psychic divination system.

Beyond the physical senses of the human experience lays a universe of pure energy that can only be experienced using the sixth sense of universal psychic knowing.

The Sacred Shaman Oracle is a systematic contemplation technique esoterically designed to turn the attention powerfully inward. The normal outwardly directed attention of the senses is turned around using the Sacred Shaman Oracle to be directed within. This is done to experience and explore more subtle states of mind and deeper levels of human intelligence. These deeper levels of human intelligence correspond with the deeper levels of intelligence in Nature. In the Sacred Shaman Oracle contemplative exercise's the internal flow of awareness quickly rises to become the experience of the expanded unified energy field [soul]. This is the source of all things in the most subtle state of human awareness. The Sacred Shaman Oracle raises the awareness of the fundamental unity of all creation and the fundamental unity of humanity.

Developments in scientific research have lead researchers in the field of Quantum Science to declare that there is unified field of expanded consciousness from which all thoughts and elements of the universe arise. Quantum science states that this expanded unified field is the fundamental source of all life and all nature. The unified field of expanded consciousness has qualities like Bliss, intelligence, creativity, universal love, energy, peace. It is not so much the academic understanding of this field that helps generate change as it is the experience of experiencing it as the core of who you are. All emotions and all relationships grow from this unified field of subtle energy. The fundamental consciousness state of Modern Urban Shamanism has profound physiological and mental health benefits that prepares individuals for the pathway of universal consciousness ahead.

Begin your journey on the pathway to Shamanic Mastery today.

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